Miley Cyrus Graces Cover Of Rolling Stone Plus Pics From The Interview


See, now I’m getting concerned.  You know I’m Miley Cyrus fan.  She’s batshit crazy, but she’s our batshit crazy and we are going to see this thing through.  But you know what, some of these pics are just a little depressing.  Like, I want to like all of them.  I want to type here on this blog about Miley being half-naked and how it’s awesome and we should all be so lucky to have this opportunity to look at her but I just can’t.  This isn’t the best set of pics I’ve come across.  Now, it’s Rolling Stone, and we know how they’ve done recently so I’m not surprised that these pics suck, but still, half-naked pictures of Miley shouldn’t have me wondering if she’s 12 or 20, right?

You can see the rest of the pictures here on Rolling Stone.  Just a confusing set of pictures.