CVS In Virginia Has Kleenex For Sale In Case The Washington Redskins Don’t Improve




Look at global company CVS trying to be all local and stuff.  Big sale on tissues because everyone in the DMV is crying over the Redskins.  You know what would have been a better deal, CVS?  Maybe a sale on Tussin, so after the ‘Skins lose on Sunday everyone can “robotrip.”  Or maybe a deal on red bulls so the football fans can get properly ramped up before the game with some RB&V’s.  Or maybe, they sell liquor and beer and they can go 2 or 3 for 1’s prior to the game so fans can black out before the game even starts.  Probably isn’t worth watching anyway.

No one is crying over the Redskins.  If anything, that tissue sale should have been available this winter as RGIII’s knee was buckling under the shitty field that is FedEx Field.

P.S. I can’t even look at that GIF.  Just entered it, typed this and called it a day.