Clemson OT Isaiah Battle Went Mike Tyson On An N.C. State Defender Last Night

Real talk, it’s fun to joke about him “going Mike Tyson” on a guy, but what a bitch move.  First, he’s about a foot taller and probably weighs about 100 pounds more than the guy he punched.  Two, it’s apparent they’re talking about something and the other guy doesn’t look to be preparing for a fight, and three, when you’re that much bigger, how do you throw a punch and then step back like a little girl.  Pussy move right there Isaiah.  If you’re going to sucker punch somebody, you better not jump back like you just saw a spider.  If I were his teammates, I’d beat the hell out of him first and then make fun of him for the way he acted.  Clown School 101 right here.

P.S.  You know it’s a sucker punch when the NC State guy standing right next to them doesn’t even react that fast.  No one was expecting that.