This Picture Of A Cleveland Browns Fan With All The QB’s Who’ve Played Since Tim Couch Was Drafted #1 Is Sad, Sad, Sad.



You know, you really have to feel for Cleveland Browns fans, and this is coming from a Buffalo Bills fan!  Not only have they had a terrible string of play from the quarterback position over the last 14 years since Couch was drafted #1, but just yesterday they traded away the #3 overall draft from last year’s draft, Trent Richardson for a 2014 1st round pick.  Sure, in theory, now the Browns will have two first round drafts, but with the way they have been going, who knows what will happen!  And again, I’m a Buffalo Bills fan, we’ve been bad for maybe even longer!

The Browns actually had a decent season in 2007 as Derek Anderson lead them to a 10-6 record.  No playoffs, but at least something to root for.  The Browns are still three years behind the Bills in the Longest Playoff Drought list, which oh by the way, sucks a whole lot!

P.S. That list sucks.

P.P.S.  Any chance this chick is good looking?  Is it sad that was the second thing I thought of after reading all the names?  What are the odds?  100-1, 1000-1?

Picture via Yahoo Sports