Boston Bruins Vs. Washington Capitals At First Mariner Arena Tonight. Who’s With Me?



Yeah I know it’s just preseason, but hockey in Baltimore?  Sign me up.  And honestly, I’m late to the game because I just picked up tickets yesterday.  Is it me or did hockey just end?  I mean for the Bruins, it did since we made the Cup Finals, but it doesn’t seem that long ago that I was glued to my seat for the playoffs.  If anything it’s a reminder that the hockey season is way too long.

Either way, it’s go time.  Clear your schedule and head to 1st Mariner/ Baltimore Arena or whatever the hell they call it these days.  It’ll be your first chance to see Jarome Iginla in his Bruins uniform.  You know, after he chose to join the Penguins only to have his ass kicked by the Bruins in the playoffs.  No big deal.