Red Sox Sweep Yankees and Mariano Rivera Leaves A Message In The Bullpen At Fenway


Last night also marked the last time in the regular season (and ever barring a postseason birth by the Yankees) that Mariano Rivera would be in a Yankees uniform playing in Fenway Park.  He is set to retire after this season ends and unless Joe Girardi can convince him to give it one more go, it was the last time we’ll see the greatest closer alive in one of the oldest ball parks around.  Mariano is the consummate professional.  He’s always carried himself with the utmost class and last night was no different.  He was caught leaving a note in the away team’s bullpen and even on his way out he kept it classy as always.

Congratulations to a world class player and person on a hall of fame career.  If the Yankees had 25 players like him I probably wouldn’t dislike them as much as I do.