Jose Fernandez Hits First Career MLB Home Run. Celebrates In Style.

Now this is how you celebrate your first ever Major League home run.  Especially after the opposing team has been jawing with you all game.  Knock it out of the park and then sit there and enjoy every last second of it until it becomes awkward.  Then, to top it off, as you round third base, as you pass by the third baseman who’s been running his mouth all game, spit right at his feet, just to let him know you haven’t forgotten anything he’s said earlier in the game.

Then the benches cleared because the Braves‘ feelings were hurt, even though this highlight clearly shows that Chris Johnson was running his mouth earlier in the game.  Hey Chris Johnson, who are you?  Slow down on the trash talking to a guy who’s currently beating you with his arm and just beat you with the stick.  Oh, and Jose Fernandez has a pretty solid shot at the NL Rookie of the Year.  So, take it down a notch before he pops you with a 95 mph fastball.

See it Jose, see it all the way.