Peyton Manning Went HAM On The Baltimore Ravens Last Night

It took Peyton Manning About 5 seconds to shake off the rust of the off-season


Forget the fantasy implications that have everyone waking up this morning, finding out that Manning threw 7 touchdowns and immediately needing a change of pants.  Forget the fact that after listening to Ravens radio for 45 minutes last night I changed my pick ’em pick to have the Ravens cover the spread.  Forget all of that.  Just know that all off-season people have picked the Broncos to come out of the AFC.  They’ve said all the pressure is on Peyton Manning to win before he gets too old.  And what did Peyton do on opening night?  Just tie the NFL record for touchdown passes in a game, get comfortable with Wes Welker in about .2 seconds and shred a Baltimore defense that some people were saying had a front four that could rival their ridiculous 2000 squad.

Isn’t this what we’ve come to expect from Peyton though?  I mean when has this guy not been really, really good in the regular season?  If anything, this proves that the media spends too much time on too many things that don’t really matter.  Everybody concerned themselves with Peyton’s age and the pressure that would be on him to win.  Everyone apparently forgot that Petyton Manning is a relentless competitor who is obsessed with being prepared.  The guy has as many weapons on offense as he ever has and even better, the NFL is a passing league more than its ever been.

Basically, Baltimore got their ass handed to them by a guy who’s not ready to hang ’em up yet.