Truck Driver Gets Slapped By The Girlfriend Of His Rival. Suffers Dislocated Jaw In The Process.


Crazy broads doing it big at the race track.  I guess you have to expect this in competitive truck racing.  I mean in what sport can the wife of an “athlete” get that close to another “athlete?”  Where’s the security?  Who let her get that close?

Whatever the case, Max Papis fired back after the race on twitter:

On top of all if it, Papis suffered a dislocated jaw.  Via ESPN:  Max Papis told that he suffered a dislocated jaw following Sunday’s Camping World Truck Series race in Bowmanville, Ontario, when another driver’s girlfriend slapped him on the left side of the face in a post-race rage.  Papis did not know the name of the female who struck him, but said she was driver Mike Skeen’s girlfriend.”

How about that?  Dislocated jaw from a slap.  Toughen up brah.