Some Dude, Diana Nyad, Swam From Cuba To Florida



Anyone who tells me this is a female is crazy.  I mean sure, genetically maybe, but that’s a man right there.  No doubt about it in my mind whatsoever.

Via Good Morning America:  “Diana Nyad swam through cheering crowds of swimmers, boaters and paddlers off the coast of Key West this afternoon as she completed her record-setting swim from Cuba on her fifth attempt.  Nyad’s arrival on the beach made her the first person to ever swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage.”

Look, I don’t have the stats on this kind of thing, but it took her five times?  Seems a bit much.  What’s the accomplishment anyway?  I’m confused as to why this is a thing.  Also, is having a 35 member team really doing it by yourself?  I’m not trying to discount what she did, I guess I just don’t understand why she did it.