Tommy Morrison, Tommy “Machine” Gunn, Dies At 44.


Via ABC: “Tommy Morrison‘s career reached its pinnacle on a hot June night in Las Vegas, when he stepped into the ring and beat George Foreman to become heavyweight champion.

It reached its nadir when he tested positive for HIV three years later.

The last 20 years of the brash boxer’s life would be defined by extensive legal troubles, erratic behavior and mounting health problems. Morrison would later claim that he never tested positive for the virus that causes AIDs, even as he was hospitalized during the last days of his life.

Morrison died Sunday night at a Nebraska hospital. He was 44.

His longtime promoter and close friend, Tony Holden, confirmed that “the Duke” had died, but his family would not disclose the cause of death. Morrison and his wife, Trisha, continued to deny that the former champion ever had HIV during the final years of his life.”

RIP Tommy Gunn.  Not sure if the highlight of his career was beating George Foreman or playing Tommy “Machine” Gunn in the Rocky V.  However, when you have those two to choose from you know you giged a little bit.  Well played sir, well played.