Buffalo Bills Quarterback EJ Manuel Out The Rest Of The Preseason

Via NFL.com:  “Coach Doug Marrone said in a statement posted on theBills‘ official website that Manuel experienced swelling in his left knee Saturday morning and was examined by the team’s medical staff.”

“An MRI revealed that he will need to have a minor knee procedure and that has been scheduled,” Marrone said in the statement. “He will miss the remainder of the preseason and then be re-evaluated at that time. Kevin Kolb will be our starting quarterback for this weekend’s game at (the Washington Redskins).”



I’ve been relatively quiet about the Bills this fall and it is because I was cautiously optimistic that EJ Manuel was that quarterback that the Bills thought he was when they drafted him in the 1st round.  Everybody kept saying all the same things, that he had all the qualities of a leader, had all the athleticism to play the position at a high level and just needed to put it all together.  Then I watched him in the first preseason game and wasn’t overly impressed but also felt that he hadn’t made any mistakes.  Friday night it looked as if he has put his stamp on the starting QB position in Buffalo.  More confident and more accurate, I thought he had done enough that the Bills should go forward with him as their quarterback.

Well, now, that’s not happening.  He’s out the rest of the preseason AND THEN they’ll re-evaluate him.  That most likely means he’s not starting week 1 vs. the Patriots.  You know how athletes get injured and then come back quicker, better, and against the odds?  That doesn’t seem to happen in Buffalo.  Here’s hoping EJ Manuel changes that, because we need a franchise quarterback like you read about.

More coming on the Bills later, but let’s hope EJ heals quickly.