Justin Timberlake And Jay-Z Are In Baltimore Tonight. I Need A Change Of Pants.


The Legends of Summer Tour goes down at 8pm tonight at M&T Bank Stadium.  I’m going, hopefully you are, and if you’re not, your loss.  If there was ever a night that I needed these, tonight would be that night.  No chance I’m not at half mass for the entire show, and that’s probably an understatement.  Tonight is going to be off the chains.

With that in mind, I present you the only top five Justin Timberlake songs you’ll ever need to know, in no particular order.

Justin Timberlake: (Note: No songs from the new album or from his N’SYNC days.)

Dick In A Box” & “Motherlover”

Like I Love You

Sexy Back

Love Stoned

Carry Out


For Jay-Z I’m going favorite album.  Too many songs to be able to pick five.  Reasonable Doubt (1996).  Still my favorite to this day.  He’s had a ton of other solid albums, but this was before he went mainstream and way before he became a megastar.  That album is still my favorite.  Sneaky top five album in my opinion is The Dynasty: Roc La Familia.  His crew never really took off, but there are a ton of legit tracks on that album.

Favorite song from Jay-Z?  That’s easy, Brooklyn’s Finest featuring Notorious BIG.  Just sick.

What do the people think?


Let me know if you’re going!