Batbabe: The Dark Nightie Just Blew My Mind

Via IMDB:  Bacchum City is being plagued by the maniacal Jerker who sets in motion a plan to steal all of the pornography in the land. He keeps it locked away in his phallically styled helicopter, waiting for the townsfolk to become consumed in sexual anxiety. But Wendy Wane, a strip club mogul by day, slips into her seductive alter ego Batbabe at night to combat the evils of The Jerker and his clown henchmen. Aided by hopelessly incompetent Commissioner Boredom and sexy lesbian District Attorney Henrietta Bent, Batbabe must summon the courage to continue promoting her standard random ten-minute promiscuities and corner The Jerker before he forces her to permanently retire

Check out the character names:



Most of the time when I turn the TV on at 7am, I’m not expecting to find the worst soft core, skinemax movie of all time, but it may have just happened.  Cue Batbabe: The Dark Nightie.  I’m not even sure what I watched.  Supposedly, the Jerker is stealing all the porn.  That’s all you need to know.  After that it’s basically and hour and a half of the worst acting, worst sex scenes worst everything you’ve ever seen.  Pretty sure during one scene between two ladies, they don’t even touch each other even though the scene lasts about 10 minutes and they were completely naked.  Just the weirdest show I’ve ever stumbled upon at 7am.

And this happened (NSFW)

Has anyone ever heard of this movie, never mind watched it?  I need to know immediately.  Also, how does this movie get to my TV?  Should have been buried online or something.