B’More2Boston Just Hit The 20k Views Mark.

Just got back from a run and was blown away when I looked at my stats page for the day:



Frankly, in the blogosphere world, 20,000 views is nothing.  Some of my favorite blogs hit that daily, but really, I can’t compare myself to them.  What I can say is that when I started this thing a year ago I had absolutely no idea where it would go.  It was something to do in the little free time I had.  It has since became much more, but I’ve stuck by a pretty simple mantra: If I think it’s funny, entertaining or sports related, I was going to blog it.  I didn’t want to blog about things I didn’t care about in an attempt to drive page views, because let’s be honest, at this point, this isn’t a career.  This is just a simple thanks to the people who show up every day to check out B’More2Boston or just click on the overwhelming links I post on their Facebook wall or Twitter feed.


P.S. If someone WANTS to pay me to do this, why haven’t you already contacted me and started paying me?

P.P.S.  As always, if there’s something you’d like to see on B’More2Boston or something you think needs twerkin, er, tweaking, please let me know.  Always room for improvement.