Vince Young Gives Packers A Chance To Prepare For Colin Kaepernick And Russell Wilson

Via USAToday:  “The Green Bay Packers saw enough from their workout with Vince Young on Monday to sign the two-time Pro Bowl quarterback to a one-year deal, a league source confirmed to USA TODAY Sports and the Green Bay Press-Gazette.” 

Remember when VY was a Pro Bowler?

Remember when VY was a Pro Bowler?

Vince Young has agreed to a one year deal with the Green Bay Packers.  He’ll be third on the depth chart and hopefully never see an NFL regular season game again.  However, what he does, is give the Packers an opponent on the practice field.  The Packers defense got absolutely torched by Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers last winter in the playoffs and there is no chance that isn’t on their mind looking forward.  The Packers are in “win now” mode, have a franchise stud at quarterback and standing in their way are potentially two quarterbacks who can move.  My guess is that this signing was to give them something to look at on the practice field.  Vince Young, if in shape, can probably give them the mobile quarterback opponent they’ll face in the 49ers, Seahawks and potentially the Eagles if they can successfully run Chip Kelly‘s offense.  Make no mistake about it, VY is not here to stay.  Third string quarterbacks don’t stick around that often and in an offense where precision passing is key, VY is guaranteed screw it up.

Welcome back Vince, just don’t get to attached to the cheese.  We’ve seen how you can fall out of shape.