This Tony Siragusa Men’s Depends Commercial Is A Bit Much


Apparently these came out a few months ago and I’m just now seeing the commercials.  Tony Siragusa, all 6’4″, 340 lbs of him, is the spokesperson for Guard Your Manhood, Depends for Men.  I completely thought this was a joke when I first saw it.  Like, there’s no way the Goose is pushing man diapers, but apparently, if it smells like money, looks like money and feels like money, it’s apparent we’ll do anything to get our hands on it.  I can’t really hate on him, I’m just having a hard time wrapping my head around this one.

Really bro?

Really bro?

Even the Goose doesn’t look like he’s all in right there.  Now, granted, this Thursday, when I’m off to see Justin Timberlake, it’s probably a good idea that I pick up about 10 of these for the concert alone.  Might need a few right now just thinking about the concert.

What do people think?  Good idea to have the Men’s Depends all out in the public’s eye or should this be something that’s only talked about behind closed doors?