John Henry Has Now Bought The Boston Globe AND The Boston Red Sox Without Submitting The Highest Bid

Via CBS:  “Three bidders who fell short in their attempts to purchase The Boston Globe say they offered more than Boston Red Sox owner John Henry’s winning $70 million bid and criticized the decision of the seller, The New York Times Co., to make a deal with him.  Springfield television station owner John Gormally, West Coast investment executive Robert Loring and U-T San Diego chief executive John Lynch all said their groups’ bids bested Henry’s.”

Via Source:  “The final bids were Prentice $790 million, Dolan $700 million, Henry-Werner $700 million. (All amounts include $40 million assumed debt.) The limited partners chose Henry, or that was the way John Harrington told it. Actually the power to choose was always his; the limiteds only had veto power. Harrington had enough votes in his pocket to deliver the team to Bud Selig’s man, so that Bud’s grand scheme could come to pass”

Like a BAWSE.

Like a BAWSE.

This guy must have some type of guardian angel.  He’s basically won two auctions without being the highest bidder.  Now I don’t know how it works in rich people world, but down here, the highest bid wins.  I mean, if this was Ebay, Henry would have lost, no question about it.  It is pretty interesting how lucky this guy has been.  We all know that Bud Selig helped him the first time around and used the subsequent sale of the Marlins to allow the MLB (Selig) to buy the Expos.  We know how that ended up, baseball left Montreal.

Henry, just a week ago, was part of a group that was attempting to buy the Boston Globe and now, on his own, he’s purchased the news outlet.  He now owns basically all of Boston sports and media.  He owns the Red Sox, NESN and now the Boston Globe.  On top of that he owns Liverpool Football Club and has a neat little deal with Lebron James too.  Safe to say this guy is just gigging all over Boston’s face.

P.S.  I’m not mad at John Henry.  Guy’s a bad ass businessman who has used his connections to land some incredible deals.  

P.P.S. Hell yeah this is another dig at Selig.  Guy is a complete ass clown that used his influence to help Henry purchase the Red Sox and then Henry in turn sold the Marlins to the Jeffrey Loria, who at the time owned the Expos.  By making all that happen, Selig was able to use MLB’s petty cash to buy the Expos from Loria so he could begin the removal of baseball from Montreal.  Douche bag.