A-Rod To Be Suspended Today, A-Rod Will Appeal Today, A-Rod Will Still Be Able To Play Today.

Via Boston.com:  Alex Rodriguez will be suspended Monday, likely through the 2014 season, as part of Major League Baseball’s latest drug investigation but can play while he appeals, a person familiar with the decision told The Associated Press.”

And some from Manager Joe Girardi: ‘‘He’s in there, and I’m going to play him,’’ Yankees manager Joe Girardi said Sunday after New York’s 6-3 loss at San Diego.”

Welcome back, Ass Clown

Welcome back, Ass Clown

So let me get this straight.  All this hoopla, all this coverage, all this Bud Selig anger for a suspension through 2014 that will be appealed by A-Rod and allow him to play right now, like today.  Excuse me if I don’t take any of this seriously.  After news broke this weekend that Bud Selig refused to meet with A-Rod, his camp and the MLBPA, I imagine most people figured this was going to come to an end.  In fact, the exact opposite is happening.  After A-Rod appeals (assuming nothing changes in the next few hours) he’ll suit up and play for the Yankees today in Chicago.  He’ll say nothing, the Yankees will say nothing, Bud Selig will be quoted as “piping mad” or “enraged” and we’ll be forced to wait until an arbitrator hears the case and makes his decision.  Until then, we’ll get to watch A-Rod play baseball.  Everyone should just stop watching sports networks like ESPN now because the drama is going to reach ridiculous levels.

Quick tangent, Friday night, I met the General Manager of the Seattle Mariners, Jack Zduriencik.  He was awesome to talk to, but before I realized who I was talking to, I vented to him and his Assistant GM about A-Rod.  I just kept asking them why we were even talking about him until he got on the field.  The guy has literally done nothing this year to talk about, yet he’s the talk of the sports world right now.  Tonight in Chicago he’ll most likely suit up and play third base for the Yankees.  The conversation should turn to whether or not he can help the Yankees get back into the playoff hunt.  Though I’m pretty sure all reporters will want to know about after the game is when he’ll start serving his suspension.

Around and around we go.  #welcometotheclownshow

P.S. To finish my story about meeting  Jack Zduriencik, that guy trolled the shit out of me.  Didn’t realize who I was talking to until about an hour into the conversation.  Guy completely owned me and it was awesome.  After that we talked baseball for about an hour.  I’m an avid follower of the Mariners so it was pretty damn cool to talk shop with him.