BronyCon Looked Fun Except We Couldn’t Get In


So we went to the Baltimore Convention Center today to see if we could soak in some BronyCon.  Just walking around the convention center there was enough people watching for days and days.  But we wanted to see what all the fuss was about.  We needed to know what went on behind closed doors.  Sure we could hit up the live feed, but that’s not nearly as good as witnessing it first hand.  Well, you know what, we couldn’t do it.  See, BronyCon has been deemed a Private Event.  So basically if you walked into the Convention through any door in the building, which is about three blocks, you were met by a security guard looking for the BronyCon lanyard.  If you didn’t have it, you didn’t get past the security guards.  You know why I know that, BECAUSE WE TRIED TO GET INTO THE CONVENTION CENTER THROUGH FOUR DIFFERENT ENTRANCES!  We finally succeeded in getting through at the fourth door only to be tracked down by security guards outside the bathroom.  They had obviously been looking for us since they radioed out that we had been found.

All we wanted was a quick look at the conference as well as a chance to buy some BronyCon swag.  The security guards were having none of it.  So what you we have is a bunch of pictures from outside the convention center.

P.S.  We could have probably purchased tickets, but honestly, just for an hour or two, the cost wasn’t worth it.

P.P.S.  I give these guys (and girls and dads and moms) credit for going big, but I gotta tell you, the percentage of sexual predators in that place had to be sky high.  Just some creepy looking bros all over the place.

P.P.P.S. I need some press credentials for next year’s BronyCon.  How does this happen?  Who do I need to seduce?

Thanks to Brad and Lynn for the entertainment.