A-Rod Most Likely To Be Suspended Through 2014 Season

Via ESPN: “Alex Rodriguez will be suspended Monday, likely through the end of the 2014 season, sources told “Outside the Lines” Saturday.  Several sources familiar with the talks said tense deliberations between Rodriguez and commissioner Bud Selig‘s office broke down completely Saturday after Selig told officials he would no longer negotiate.”


This was always the most likely outcome.  A-Rod doesn’t want to leave baseball until he does on his own terms, Bud Selig wants him away from the game for as long as possible, and no one wants this whole thing dragged out in court and in the media.  I’m not surprised that Selig wouldn’t negotiate with A-Rod since he’s made it very clear that he just doesn’t like Rodriguez.  Selig is in full witch hunt mode right now and he’s not going to give an inch.


But whatever.  Why are we even talking about A-Rod.  He hasn’t had an at bat this year, he hasn’t been relevant since he signed that batshit crazy contract extension with the Yankees and now he won’t play baseball again (most likely) until 2015.  I for one will be happy when MLB finally announces the suspension and we can all go back to not talking about a player who has been worthless for a little while now.

P.S. Needed these pictures of A-Rod being a douche to be a part of this.  While we all know my disdain for Bud Selig, I have no problem rooting against A-Rod.