Johnny Manziel’s Twitter Game, Much Like His QB Game, Is Cold As Ice.


Manziel has gotten a ton of press recently with his early exit from the Manning’s Quarterback Camp, to his partying in Texas and his vague answers at SEC media day.  But you know what?  Guy has got swag for days.  You can hate on his life decisions, but you can’t hate on the fact that this guy came to play.  Bro has grabbed the spotlight and until it goes dim, he’s going hard 24/7.   This Colin Ratz bro must have smashed a whole keg of haterade before he tweeted that mess above.  #teamfuckmanziel, really bro?  That’s your play?  More like #weaksauce all over the place.

Manziel trolling the world in a Jets Tebow jersey.

Manziel trolling the world in a Jets Tebow jersey.

What the hell did people think was going to happen when a 20 year old freshman won the Heisman trophy and was the only QB to beat Alabama last year?  The media grabbed his dick faster than a sorority chick in College Station.  They fell head over heals for a small guy who was putting up ridiculous numbers game after game.  Then the guy let his swag come out and everyone got pissed.  For the record, I’m freakin’ #teammanziel all day every day.  Sure he might not be an All-Pro in the NFL but who knows.  He’s got time to prove that and the NFL likes mobile quarterbacks who can improvise, so there’s that.

P.S.  Johnny Manziel is also #teamgig.  Don’t believe me, check the goods:


Sure #gigem is a Texas A&M thing, but that’s still #teamgig in my mind.