These Pictures Of Aaron Hernandez Holding A Gun Probably Don’t Help His Case.


I’ve tried to stay out of the Aaron Hernandez stuff for a bit since not much has been happening.  These photos, however, probably ruined dinner.  Still a bit grainy, but I imagine his defense team isn’t happy this has leaked to the media.  Hearsay or not, shit is going to be on everybody’s mind when they’re being interviewed to be a juror.

P.S. I know we’ve been over this a million times, but couldn’t this guy have just shut off the security tapes before he left that night?  Seems like it would have been a good idea before heading out to kill another guy.  Where’s his checklist?  Where’s his personal assistant reminding him to shut off the cameras, book the rental car and clean his gun before leaving for the night?

Here’s another one…



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