Japan, Not The Dodgers, Introduce Frozen Beer Foam And Once Again, Blow My Mind


First of all, the idea is freakin’ genius.  The worst thing in the world is double fisting at a game and having to smash both beers in 20 minutes so that they don’t get warm.  Or you don’t smash them and the 2nd is warm at the first sip.  Either way, this shit needs to be happening in every outside sports venue immediately.

Secondly, let’s not go giving the Dodgers the credit here.  Did they implement it in their stadium, sure, but Kirin made this possible.  Just another example of Japan pooping all over us.  How have the numerous sports fans/ alcoholics in this country not figured this thing out yet?  And yes, I’m talking to myself when I ask that question.  Game after game, I’m sipping warm 24oz beers wondering what the hell is wrong with me.  Straight amateur hour all over the place.

Finally, after this video, if you don’t want a beer, then you shouldn’t drink beer.  It’s 1:30 in the afternoon and I want an ice cold beer like you read about.