What Would You Rather “Hump Day/ Sexy Time” Style

It’s back baby!  Time for another “What Would You Rather?”  Quick back story on this one.  Guy I play football with asked our team a few weeks back asked the following question:

If the girl of your dreams wanted to have sex with you but you could only do it in your mother’s bed, would you?

Um, are you serious bro?  Easy answer: YES a million out of a million times.  Why would you even think twice.  Well, he thought I was gross for even suggesting I would lay the wood in my mom’s bed.  Told me he didn’t want me playing football with him.  Then took it a step farther and said he would rather have sex in a Sani-Can than his mom’s bed.  Is there any reason to even compare the two?  Then he went HAM and suggested he would rather have sex in a Preakness sani-can than his mom’s bed. (For those who don’t know, those sani-cans were at capacity about half way through the day.)  At this point in the conversation, I’m completely beside myself.  Would I rather bang a hot chick in my mom’s bed, which is clean and comfortable, and then wash the sheets or take my skills to a sani-can full of shit and try to throw down?  No debate in my mind, but he was clearly on the other side of the argument, so I’m taking it to the people.

Girl/ Guy of your dreams, no questions asked, no expectations.  Are you going Mom’s Bed or Sani Can/ Port-o-Potty?




Poll time!  Who ya got?

P.S.  If your mom doesn’t understand how important this situation is, she doesn’t love you.  No reason for her to be upset at you for crossing one off the bucket list.