How Many MLB Teams Have 60 Wins Right Now?



ONE people.  ONE TEAM ONLY!  The Boston Red Sox have the most wins in the Major Leagues right now.  No one else.  Love this team’s make-up all the way around.  Sure their pitching is going to need some help, but right now this team just looks like a team that can overcome injuries and issues and just play baseball.


Other thoughts:

I will say that they need pitching.  Probably a starter and a reliever.  Buchholz is a mystery and with Miller, Bailey and Hanrahan all lost for the season, they’ll need more than Matt Thornton in the pen.  I imagine they’ll pick up an arm or two before the deadline.

If they like Garza or Peavy then I say let’s make it happen.  Winning a World Series is all that should matter right now.  No need to get cheap when you have a chance to win it all.

How good is the deal for Mike Napoli?  $5 mill for this guy?  Looks like his hip is just fine.   Sure he’ll cost more next year, but they could give him a qualifying offer at $13+ or wherever it falls and he’d still probably be worth it.

This team is doing all of this without a superstar.  Sure you can point to Papi and Pedrioa as real deal All-Stars, but no one has 20 home runs yet, Will Middlebrooks is their 4th leading home run hitter and he’s at AAA and John Lackey has been our best starting pitcher over the last month or so.  Still in first place and still rolling.

I feel like I’ve already forgotten 2012 and the end of 2011.  Completely moved on just like you’re supposed to.  This franchise is back to winning ball games as a team.  No let downs this year AL East.  You guys are going to have to come and take it away from us.

Oh and we have Papi and he’s awesome because he does this.