D-Wade’s Crazy Ex-Wife: Now With Audio!

Crazy on top of crazy on top of crazy.  People, what you are watching is exactly what I mean when I say chicks are batshit.  Just throw on your sweat suit, bring a couple of girlfriends who obviously don’t work to hang out with you and just rant and act like a homeless person.  This is why D-Wade is banging Gabrielle Union.

P.S. To be fair, it sounds like Wade is being a straight up douche bag, which I don’t doubt he is.  Something, somewhere went totally wrong for these two and it’s resulted in him having his son play in basketball tournaments whenever his ex-wife is supposed to spend time with her son.  I’ve said plenty of times, go big or go home.  D-Wade has no problem going big when it comes to screwing his ex-wife out of time with her son.