Why Is No One Talking About Ray Allen Replacing Chris Bosh As The 3rd Of The Big 3



First off, who’s the freakin’ bell waiter in front of everyone?  Looks like one of the guys in the Hilton in New Orleans where I’m staying.  (P.S. It’s LeDouche)

Second, it’s clear that Ray Allen is the 3rd of the Big 3 in Miami right now, right?  I mean, I don’t see Bostritch anywhere in this picture.  Hell, Allen is holding the damn ESPY.  Clearly the Big 3 has been shuffled.  Not surprising actually, since Ray is a cold-hearted killer on the court and doesn’t give a shit about anyone but himself.  Probably slashed Bosh’s tires before the ESPY’s.

Also, I know this has been beaten to death, but really, ESPN?  Could you ride the Heat‘s jock any harder than you are right now?  I mean, I’m surprised they didn’t let LeDouche host the ESPY’s and bang chicks on stage.  They were really the best Championship performance?  Barely squeaking out a game 7 win at home?  Alabama‘s thrashing of the #2 team in the nation for their 3rd championship in 4 years didn’t top that?  Just an absolute sloberknocker of a performance by ESPN.  Great work guys.

P.S. Guys that wear sunglasses inside in dark rooms are douche bags. End of story.