Kid Vows To Run Onto Citi Field During All-Star Game If He Gets 1,000 Re-Tweets And Backs It Up


So much to love about what happened last night, but in case you missed it, this fan posted on twitter that if he got 1,000 RT’s he’d hop the fence and head onto the field.  Not sure what he was thinking because there’s no way this wasn’t going to happen.  1,000 is too easy now a days.  Say you’ll do something on twitter with a weak number of RT’s and you’re bound to be doing that within the hour.

However, even though this clown is a Yankees fan, he owned up to his tweet and took off onto the field for about 10 seconds, got speared by an over zealous security guard and was carried off the field wearing a smile the entire time.  Well played sir, well played.

Sure he got arrested and sure his mom is probably going to kill him (see below) but whatever, people all over the country are writing about him right now.

P.S. How hilarious is that picture about?  Kid smiling, security guard mid-spearing but still looking to cradle the kid as he drops him and Mr. Tough Guy on the left reaching for the taser.  He Bro, kid barely made it to 2nd base, put the volts down.

P.P.S.  Love in the video how AFTER the kid is taken down an announcement is made NOT to run onto the field.  Late to the game much?

P.P.P.S.  I’m blaming Bud Selig for this.  If he had checked his email he would have known someone was going to run out onto the field.

Bonus Material: Kid apprently posted pics of his text messages with his mom.  That’s gonna come back to bite him in the form of a wooden spoon to the ass later.

and this one as well…