Top 5 Video Game Systems I’ve Owned. No Other List Matters.

Don’t ask me how I got here, but I’ve spent the better part of the last hour reading about video game systems.  I love video games, always have, always will.  I was a bit too loyal to Nintendo for most of my teenage years, couldn’t afford the high priced systems until recently and am eerily looking forward to the Playstation 4.

You should head to this website to check out reviews and history on just about every gaming console out there.  I skipped over the majority of them since most of them never made a dent in the US.  However, if you have some time, it’s great reading.

Here’s my top 5 consoles I owned.

5. SG Sega Genesis – This was the one console I’ve bought in my life.  I’ve been lucky enough to get most of these systems via Christmas, but this one the family refused to purchase for me.  So I sold my NES (regrets) and games (stomach punch) except for Tecmo Super Bowl and purchased Sega Genesis.  NBA Jam was just that, my freakin’ jam and Mortal Kombat was introduced into my life.


4.  64

Nintendo 64 – For some reason I couldn’t get enough of this console even though it seemed outdated from the jump.  Nintendo had all these weird games that you could play on it but I got hooked with Zelda – Ocarina of Time, Ken Griffey Jr’s Slugfest and the original Super Mario 64.  I’m pretty sure I spent more time playing Ocarina of Time than I did breathing in 1998.


3. wii

Nintendo Wii – For me, it blew my gaming mind out of the box.  Wii Tennis, Bowling and then Mario Kart just owned me.  I couldn’t get enough. I looked forward to coming home every day just to grab the steering wheel and get my Mario Kart on.




XBOX 360 – Simply based on the fact that it’s the most advanced system I’ve owned to date.  Can’t beat the HD quality graphics and constant improvements they’re making.





1.  NES

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)  – The original and still the best.  Sure, systems are much better now, but nothing ever beats your first time with something, right?  I mean, the first time I turned on Mario Bros., I probably needed to change my pants, and then again when I first fired the gun during Duck Hunt.  But NES locked me in with Tecmo Super Bowl.  Still probably one of my favorite games, I’d play it ever day if I had a NES to do so.  No topping this.



Bonus material:  NGC

I may be one of the few people in the world who really like GameCube.  While it was not well received, I had a ball with it.  Tiger Woods and Madden were staples on this machine for me.  So much, that I burned out the lens because Debo and I would leave it on for 2-3 straight weeks playing  a season in Madden.  Foolish yes, but we were too focused to shut it off.

P.S. I’m not stupid, I know Playstation is pretty much gig however, it always seemed to hit right after I was finishing up a purchase of another console.  So I just didn’t commit at any point.  However, like I said, no chance I’m not nabbing the Playstation 4.

Thanks to Video Game Console Library for the reading material.