Lynard Skynrd Can Still Kill It And So Can Their Fans


I’m not even going to pretend that I’m a Lynard Skynrd fan.  However, knowing a lot of their more popular songs, I knew the show would be worth the free ticket I had.  Plus, on top of that I knew the people watching would be amazing!  Neither disappointed.


Golden eagle on top of a confederate flag on top of a piano.  If this isn’t south, then everything I know about life is about to blow up in my face.

Skynrd can still throw down.  They smashed for about 90 minutes on stage, 10 songs, mostly “mainstream” songs that everyone would know.  They involved the crowd, showed respect to our military and rocked the house during “Sweet Home Alabama.”  I’d see them again for the entertainment value.

Things I enjoyed:

Air Guitar like you read about.  Not just a few seconds of it to get yourself riled up, no, we’re talking 6-7 minutes of straight string work.

Inappropriate touching everywhere.  Saw a couple just straight doggystyle in the front section of the stands.  No penetration but enough action that the guy had to be a quarter chub.

Confederate flags on top of confederate flags.  I knew it was coming, but it’s always exciting to see people reach deep for whatever shirt, hat or bandana they can find.

Long hair.  I’m talking below your ass, split ends like you read about long hair. The whole freakin’ bad has hair to at least their shoulders, well except for the drummer, but that’s because he rocks the curly mullet like you read about.


Drunk people rockin’ no shirts and cowboy hats like you read about.  Again, no big surprise here, but still fantastic people watching.

One thing I didn’t see a lot of were teeth…weird.

Anyway, I’d go again in a heartbeat, I’d just need to get there earlier next time so I can have a few more beers and enjoy the festivities.

Sweet Home Alabama – Live