Celtics Take Out A Full Page Ad Thanking Paul Pierce And KG


As usual, the Celtics doing it the right way in thanking Pierce and KG for their contribution to the franchise.

I have to admit that while KG helped bring the 17th banner to Boston, it was Paul who had been here the whole time.  It was The Truth who had played along side Antoine Walker, dealt with losing teams and never seemed phased by it.  Just kept grinding out seasons hoping his ownership would take care of him.  They ultimately did bringing in KG and Ray Allen and the Celtics seemingly went from worst to first, and it was awesome.

It was pretty sad to see them go, especially just a few hours down 95 to Brooklyn, but the NBA is a business and the Celtics weren’t getting any younger.  I’ll tell you though, it’s going to be really hard to see #34 in something other than a Celtics jersey.