Dwight Howard Signs With The Houston Rockets. I Feel Bad For Houston.

Via National Post: “I’ve decided to become a member of the Houston Rockets. I feel [it’s] the best place for me and I am excited about joining the Rockets and I’m looking forward to a great season,” Howard wrote on Twitter on Friday night.

Slim thug, you got your man. Good luck with that.

Welcome to hell Rockets fans. Sure you just signed the top free agent in this year’s class. Sure you gave him a max contract. Sure he’s the most dominating big man in the game (kind of) but you know what you just signed up for? Pure hell. He wines, he complains, he backstabs, and lately he hasn’t been playing much basketball. And heaven forbid you don’t sign the guys he wants to play with him. He’ll be asking for a trade in a year or two and playing out another saga like he did in Orlando.


Good thing he immediately changed his avatar on Twitter so we’d know who he signed with. Honestly, I really do feel bad for Houston fans. When Howard came into the league he was a model player/ teammate and then something went wrong. Maybe Orlando promised him too much or maybe he just let the fact that he was a “superstar” get to his head. Either way, he’s been the biggest baby over the past couple of years. His break up with Orlando was the worst and it was all his fault (remember he signed the intent to stay even though he wanted out,) then spent the entire year he was in Los Angeles acting like he was a high school JV player. Plus he’s been injured recently so who knows how long he’ll be able to stay on the court.

We might be rebuilding in Boston, but I’m cool with not having this ass clown on the team.