So, Apparently Aaron Hernandez Has Been Committing Crimes For About 5 Years Now


Has to be true right?  I mean, at this point, would anything surprise you?  Jimmy Hoffa?  Nicole Simpson?  Hell, Trayvon Martin?  I mean, there’s a chance Hernandez was involved in all of these at this point.  The guy is either about to be the biggest scapegoat of all time or just a brutal serial killer who’s been gunning down people since he arrived at the University of Florida a bunch of years ago.  Stories coming out today have him linked to a shooting in 2007.  You’ve got the murder of Odin Lloyd, the double homicide last year, a bar fight in 2007 and now this shooting in ’07 as well.  On top of all that, the most devastating killing he’s been linked to is the possible killing of the Patriots’ playoff hopes (thanks Brad!) this year.  I mean, who the hell is this guy?

As I’ve said all along, the kid is only 23 so he’s got be living a pretty troubled life.  You don’t get a full ride football scholarship to Florida and a $40 million dollar extension in the NFL without being truly talented.  You would think this guy, at some point, would have surrounded himself with a few people to keep him in line.   Just a couple of watchful eyes every time he had a bit too much to drink or smoke.  A couple of bodyguards or something.  It really is pretty terrible what’s going on right now.

If you want, here’s a good rundown via Huffington:  “Since he was arrested last week in the shooting death of a friend whose body was found a mile away from Hernandez’s home, a portrait has emerged of a man whose life away from the field included frequent encounters with police that started as long ago as his freshman year at the University of Florida.  An acquaintance who sued Hernandez, claiming he was shot after a fight in a strip club earlier this year. A 2007 bar fight that left a restaurant worker with a burst eardrum. An unsolved double killing at a Boston nightclub last summer. All violent incidents, all with possible ties to the once-dominating athlete who now sits in a private cell for his own protection….But even before the 23-year-old’s recent arrest, public records and interviews show he had been involved in police inquiries in the past, first in Florida and then in the Boston area.  A sworn court complaint from Florida’s Eighth Judicial Circuit details Hernandez’s apparent involvement in an April 2007 fight at a restaurant called The Swamp in Gainesville. The partially redacted document says the restaurant worker told police that Hernandez, who was then 17, punched him in the head while he was escorting the subject out of the business after a dispute about payment of a bill.”

Scary, scary stuff people.  For all the jokes I’ve made about this, I wouldn’t want my family within 100 miles of this guy.