Late To The Game: Dwight Howard Needs To Sign With Houston




Look, when Slim Thug tweets, you pay attention.  No questions asked, you just stop what you’re doing and let it soak in.  And honestly, what’s false about what Slim is saying?  I mean, on top of all that, Dwight won’t be in the lights like he was in LA.  Plus he’ll be saving a shit ton of money when he’s out at the strip club with Slim gettin’ weird at 4am.  I mean, it’s really a solid business decision, no?

In all seriousness, I could give 2 shits where this guy goes.  Seems like a straight up team cancer to me.  Big cry baby who can’t do much more than dunk and block shots.  His defense has gotten worse and he can’t shoot free throws.  Also, unlike Shaq, he doesn’t seem to be able to just “turn it on” whenever he wants.  I’ll pass

P.S.  Slim Thug is so amazing right?  I mean I need to know how to do the “100” on twitter and I need to know how to do it now.  If you can do that, let me know.  Holla!

P.P.S. That third tweet from the top, where Slim introduces Dwight to the “ladies.”  I’d have been sold there.  Sign me up for Houston!