Did You See The Backstreet Boys Gig On Letterman?

They still got it!

That right there is six minutes of pure gold.  Whenever a group can make fun of themselves you know they’re going to be alright.  You heard Letterman, 130 million albums sold.  They don’t need to impress anyone, they don’t need money, they are simply rubbing it in everyone’s face at this point.  Like, yeah, we can go away for 5 years, come back and immediately own the stage again.

P.S.  How pissed are the members of N’SYNC right now?  I mean, they must be dying to reunite, all the while, JT is simply owning the world.  Smokin’ wife, Platinum record and a tour that is going to make me wet my pants.  They must be calling him on the daily, like, hey bro, can we just do something?

P.P.S.  I know I don’t have to say it, but really?  AJ?  Canadian tuxedo with moon boots?  Is he dressing himself these days?