Celtics Agree To Trade KG And Paul Pierce To The Brooklyn Nets For Grab Bag Of Players

Via ESPN:  “Kevin Garnett has agreed to waive his no-trade clause, clinching an agreement on a trade that will land Paul Pierce, Garnett and Jason Terry with the Brooklyn Nets, sources close to the process told ESPN The Magazine’s Chris Broussard on Thursday night.  Brooklyn has agreed to send three first-round picks (2014, ’16 and ’18) along with Kris Humphries’ expiring contract, Gerald Wallace,Kris Joseph, MarShon Brooks and a sign-and-traded Keith Bogans to the Celtics for Pierce, Garnett and Terry, a source told ESPN’s Chris Broussard.”


So that’s it, The Big Ticket and The Truth are headed to Brooklyn for some roster fillers and 3 first round picks, most notably next year’s pick which the Celtics will presumably look to package with other picks for the #1 overall pick.

I’ll say this, when Danny Ainge goes, he goes hard as fuck.  Trading your two superstars within the division?  No big deal to Ainge.  He’s pretty much all in for the 2014 draft as the players the Celtics are getting back don’t exactly scream exciting.  The roster is going to look extremely different and Celtics fans are probably going to have to endure a season where winning games is not exactly top priority.  My question is what’s next?  Will the Celtics sign Josh Smith as reported a few days ago?  Will the C’s build around Rondo and Jeff Green?  I imagine that over the next few weeks the Celtics’ roster will begin to take shape and we’ll get an idea of just how big a rebuilding process we are about to endure.

It’s a bit of a grey day in New England as this officially ends an era in Boston.  Probably the thing I’m most upset about is Paul playing for another team.  You know that it’s always a possibility but not until it happens does it really sink in.  He’s been nothing but outstanding for the Celtics ever since he was drafted and will join the ranks of the other great Celtics once he retires.  Here’s to hoping Danny Ainge knows what he’s doing.

P.S.  Though it’s easy to think Ainge is gearing up for a run at Andrew Wiggins, the consensus #1 pick of next year’s draft, remember that the last time the Celtics had a lottery pick, they traded it to the then Sonics for Ray Allen.  Ainge wants to win so who knows what could be up his sleeve.  If Wiggins, and the rest of the draft class, doesn’t pan out, perhaps Ainge will look to trade his picks for stud veterans as he’s done before.