Teenager Dies After Impaling Himself During A Game Of Hide And Seek


The game done changed…

Via Daily Mail:  “A 14-year-old Texas boy has died in a freak accident after accidentally impaling himself through the chest on the horn of a bull sculpture.  Police say Miguel Martinez was playing hide-and-seek about 3am on Saturday in front of the National Ranching Heritage Center on the campus of Texas Tech University in Lubbock.   In the excitement of the game, he ran into the pointed horn of a bull sculpture outside the museum. The metal horn pierced him through the chest.”

So, I know this is the second death story of the day and that is probably 2 more than I’m allowed, but can you even handle this story? I mean, again, before I realized this kid had passed away, I had to laugh. You want to why?  Because I’ve got a scar above my eye from stitches I got playing the same damn game.  Story time!

When I was in high school, we got into some pretty serious Team Hide and Seek.  Straight middle of the night, in the woods, no holds barred type shit.  We’d play all the time and one night I had spotted an opposing team member just a few feet into the woods.  Thinking I’d be quick about it I leaped toward them without protecting my face.  If you know anything about walking/ running/ leaping into a wooded area, you know you need to protect your eyes.  First rule of the woods.  Well, I bypassed rule one and about one second later a branch had lodged itself directly into my eyelid.  No joke, had I not closed my eyes, I’d have lost an eyeball.  Worst part about it, I got tagged out and my team lost.  Here I am standing in my buddy’s yard, blood coming from my eye and I’m cursing the fact I lost it for my team.  I don’t know about you but that’s a team player in my book.

Actually the worst part was having to go to school on Monday with a black eye and stitches.  You want to talk about #weaksauce.  Imagine the ladies wanting to know why I had the black eye and me explaining that I was playing a mean game of hide and seek and took a branch to the eye.  Not exactly “get in your pants” material.  Well ladies, now do you see how serious it can be.  A young man got impaled doing the exact same thing I was doing.