There’s No Way This Aaron Hernandez Situation Ends Well, Right?


I’ve kept my mouth shut on this topic mainly because it’s one of those stories that you almost can’t believe.  Like, you keep waiting for someone to be like, oh yeah, Aaron was at my house the whole time, I’ve got video of us getting high and drinking so there’s no way he was involved.  Then you hear this shit of him destroying his cell phone, crushing his security system and hiring a cleaning crew for his house and you just have to shake your head.  Like, bro, you might as well just paint “guilty” across your Muscle Milk sweatshirt and walk outside.

The sad thing is, this situation probably never needed to happen.  I guess I’ll never understand why pro athletes put themselves in these situations.  They seem, at face value, completely avoidable.  Like what they hell could you possibly get into in freakin’ North Attleboro?  Hell, it’s freakin’ OTA season.  Hernandez should be on lockdown getting ready for the season.  He’s barely been healthy in his career, Gronk is hurt and this was an amazing opportunity for Hernandez to just go crazy in the vaunted Patriots offense.  Now?  He’ll probably be in jail or in court or at least, his mind will be anywhere but football.

P.S.  Belichick has to be beside himself right?  Guy has to know his window is closing and that Brady only has a few more years.  Well, he lets Welker leave for peanuts, Gronk has a million surgeries and now Hernandez might not be available.  He’s probably ready to kill someone.  Either that or he’s got Tebow running seam routes as a tight end.