Does It Get Anymore ‘Merica Than This?



Via Deadspin:   “About an hour ago, the USMNT and Stoke City winger posted this photo to his Instagram—two guns, stars-and-stripes tanktop, ‘Murrika all over.Then, just a few minutes later, poof. Photo deleted. No explanation given, but Shea was taking a good amount of heat on Twitter,mostly from British people who don’t find big guns particularly cool. “

Well, hey now, Brek Shea just upped the ante on the whole “How ‘Merica Can You Be” contest.  Pretty much set the bar on this one.  Not sure where you go from here but I encourage all to try.  I’m not a huge fan of guns but this picture pretty much oozes badass.

P.S.  Do you even shotgun bro?