Antoine Walker Wants To Be The Next Celtics Coach. #Welcometotheclownshow

Guess who's not going to be the next Celtics coach?

Guess who’s not going to be the next Celtics coach?

Via BostonGlobe :   “In the midst of the anticipation of the Doc Rivers-to-the-Clippers deal being declared official by the NBA, a tweet circulated Monday morning from the account of former Celtic Antoine Walker.  “Boston fans its time for me to be the Celtics coach !!!!” he sent out three times through his Twitter account.  Walker confirmed to the Globe that he is indeed interested in coaching the Celtics. While Walker has no coaching experience, it wouldn’t be an unprecedented move: Former All-Star point guard Jason Kidd has just transitioned from being a player to being head coach of the Brooklyn Nets.”

I’m not going to say much on this subject because it’s the stupidest idea ever.  Bro went bankrupt because he doesn’t know how to manage over $100 million dollars and now he wants the Celtics to hire him as coach?  I wouldn’t want him running my little league team never mind the NBA team I root for?  Bro should probably try getting an assistants job somewhere in the D-League or something before trying to coach a team like the Celtics.

Unless of course he wanted to coach the team to do this.  Then I’d be interested.