I Think It’s Time For These Red Sox Fans To Step Their Jersey Game Up


Real talk, I’m a Red Sox fan but these guys have to get their game up.  Quick note, the Crawford shirt is just that, a t-shirt, so I can give that guy a pass.  However, the Atchinson jersey is ACTUALLY a jersey.  In fact it’s a “100 Years” jersey.  How the hell did this guy get his hands on Scott Atchinson 100 Years jersey?  They made those things?  Even deeper, why was this the jersey of choice?  Unless Scott is this guys son, I just can’t wrap my head around this decision.  Time for an upgrade boys.  You gotta keep your jersey game tight.

P.S. Speaking of tight, this guy right here kept it as tight as your mom’s wig.


Bro came to Camden Yards right from the mid 90’s.  Old school Nike’s and the Pro Logic Bruins hat for the win.  Also, guy was 10 rows behind the dugout and still rocked the binoculars.  No shame in his game.