Blackhawks Win Game 1 in 3OT Even Though The Bruins Dominated


That just sucked.  I’m not even going to lie and say I watched the whole game, however I can say I watched what amounted to an entire game.  I tuned in as the Hawks scored their 3rd goal, which as bull shit.  Then came the 1st OT and then the 2nd OT and then finally the 3rd OT.  The Bruins had shots on top of shots on top of shots.  They had opportunities on top of that where they couldn’t get a shot off.  You realize at some point that the puck my just not be bouncing the B’s way.  I mean Crawford stood on his head a few times, but the B’s seemed to just lack that ability to put it away in the end.

Then the freakin’ Blackhawks scored the game winner on a puck that took two deflections, neither of which looked like it was off a stick.  Just a shit goal in my opinion.  But, that’s hockey.  Put it on net and see what happens

I’m not really that worried though.  The B’s got extra rest in the last series and should be a bit fresher as the series moves on.  However, I am worried if Nathan Horton can’t go, because that guy has been the balls so far in the playoffs.

We just need to steal game 2 in Chicago and head back to the Garden.

Plus, how can we lose with this type of facial hair and mullet on the team?