It’s Wednesday, Let’s Get Weird And Look At Good Looking Women

I feel like It’s been a hot minute since a good looking broad graced this blog.  It’s hump day and to help us get thought the mid week blues, I’m letting Citizens of Fashion brighten your day.

You’re welcome…


Is Rihanna hot?  The answer is yes, but the bigger question is how crazy is this chick?  Like I imagine you can’t even keep up with her on a daily basis.  Just doing something different and crazy day after day after day.  There’s no way this chick isn’t a straight up freak.


These chicks just remind me that I need more beach in my life.  Not because I’m basically see though right now but because the beach is awesome and is the ultimate idea of relaxation.  What’s better than spending a day on the beach?  Nothing’s better because it means you’re not working and most likely on vacation.  Plus if these chicks were there I wouldn’t be that upset.

Happy Hump.