Ravens Release Vonta Leach Because In The NFL You Can Cut Guys You Don’t Want To Pay

Goodbye Vonta

Goodbye Vonta

That’s the simple truth of it all really.  The Ravens didn’t want to pay Leach $3 million dollars and in today’s NFL, if you don’t want to pay, you just cut.   Leach’s bonuses were probably paid a long time ago and this was simply a salary dump for the reigning champions.  As they’ve done all spring, the Ravens have cut bait with veterans who cost too much.  Will Leach be back?  Probably not.  The Ravens left the door open, but the door has been open for quite a few players this off-season and no one has come back through.  It’s a dog eat dog world in the NFL and the Ravens are one of the best at cutting bait at the right time (see Ed Reed.)  Plus, they don’t need a fullback as much anymore.  The Ravens will be in the shotgun more often than not and you don’t need a FB and  RB on the field for that.

Via the Baltimore Sun:  “Leach was due a $3 million base salary and carries a $4.33 million salary-cap figure. So, the Ravens will save a total of $3 million against the salary cap while still carrying $1.33 million in dead money from the prorated portion of Leach’s three-year, $11 million contract that included a $4 million signing bonus.  As the top fullback in the NFL, Leach is expected to be in heavy demand as a free agent with multiple teams expected to pursue him.”

So the Ravens will eat $1.33 million they paid Leach a long time ago for the right to save $3 million right now.  Sounds like a savvy business move in an otherwise devious league.