Three High School Students Absolutely Gigged On Their Yearbook Quotes


From Daily Mail:  “Officials at a California high school have apologized to parents after failing to spot a handful of sexually suggestive quotes in its yearbook before it went to print.  Three male seniors from University City High School in San Diego submitted sexual innuendos as the quotes to accompany their photographs in the yearbook.  The comments, which refer to the students pleasuring themselves and committing sex acts, were not caught by teachers who proof-read the book, which has already been distributed to students.”

I put them in order of how much I enjoyed their quote.  Let’s be honest about one thing here, these kids absolutely killed it.  I can’t even hate on them a little bit.  And it’s not like they even tried to hide what they were trying to say.  If you’re the adult in charge of the yearbook and you can’t pick out these quotes then you may not want to be in charge of the yearbook anymore.

You know what my favorite part of the story is?  The fact that the school apologized for fucking up.  They didn’t say the kids were in trouble or that they’d be punished.  They owned up to the fact that some of their staff weren’t up to the task of picking out the quotes that were inappropriate.  Haters gon hate, but you can’t retrospectively punish kids for being slick.  Especially when you have the opportunity to monitor the situation.

P.S. If you don’t think I had “BASBHAT” at the end of my yearbook quote, then you’re crazy.

P.P.S.  Oh yeah, that stands for “Bitches Ain’t Shit But Hoes And Tricks.”  You’re welcome.


s/o to Brad for the tip.