Patriots Sign Tim Tebow. What The Fack?

These bros can hug all they want now.

These bros can hug all they want now.

So this totally pisses me off.  I’m a Tebow guy.  Love his effort and the fact that he wins every where he goes.  Never lost, look it up.  All this hate is just because he’s a guy the media can’t get enough of.  Hell, I just found this out and I don’t even want to turn on ESPN because they’re probably busting a load all over Bristol, CT.  Something like this.

But in all seriousness, if he plays, the Pats will win, no question about it at all.  That’s what kills me.  No, I didn’t want the Bills to pick him up because it’s not the right fit, but Tebow just got picked up by the team, with the coach who drafted him in the first round and then watch him lead the team to the playoffs.  People hate Tebow because he wins and says all the right things and loves god.  Haters ALWAYS ARE GOING to hate on Tebow and he’s just going to shrug them off because that’s what ballers do.

So pissed right now, so pissed.