How The Hell Did Someone Get A Flare Into The French Open Finals Yesterday

Congrats to Nadal on winning his 8th French Open

Congrats to Nadal on winning his 8th French Open

If you missed it, Rafael Nadal won his 8th French Open yesterday.  He’s amazing.  Nadal has worked himself all the way back from a 2nd round exit at last year’s Wimbledon and a nagging knee injury to win the French.  That was always his plan as he is by far the most comfortable and most dominant on clay.  However, as much as I’d like to talk more about that I need to know how some anti same sex marriage crazies made into the finals carrying flares?  Furthermore, one of them made it onto the court, albeit only for a few seconds before he got jacked up by security.  But how does this happen?  Am I the only one that seems surprised the fact this guy brought a flare and a mask through security and no one noticed any of that?  And how did he get all the way down the isle and onto the court.  There had been some commotion earlier from the same group of people so I’m confused as to how security wasn’t all over these clowns.  I honestly hope they took this guy back down the tunnel and stuck that smoldering flare up his ass.

Fiery torch bro?  Let’s not be too over the top.  Even the video says flare.  Pump the brakes on the drama.

P.S.  Sweet V for Vendetta mask douche bag.

P.P.S.  I guess I’ll never understand why people are so against gay marriage.  With all the dumb and terrible things we did centuries ago and not too long ago, you would think we’d just accept people for the way they are.