Little Bro Snatches Up Baseball Intended For Hot Broad At The Royals Game

I’m pretty sure that’s the worse title that I could have picked but it’s pretty accurate. The camera is on the hot chick for multiple reasons I’m sure, but what she doesn’t see is the little snake in the grass. Little bro just chillin’ waiting to make his move. I love how he scoops it up and he’s gone. He’s not waiting around to see what happens or make small talk, he’s on to the next one. Meanwhile, the broad is about as embarrassed as can be. Question though, why wasn’t her man boxing out the little kid? Gotta go hard all the time and this guy is just sitting in his seat letting this young gun come through and snatch up his girl’s prize. #Weaksauce moment for the boyfriend. If he’s not careful, this young buck may scoop up his chick next.

P.S. Before you watch the video, can we have a moment to reflect on the little girl in the background?  Like, what the hell’s all the commotion?  I’m trying to go HAM on this snack.  Classic!

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