Big Papi’s T-Shirt Game Is So Hard Right Now

It’s good to be Big Papi.  He is THE GUY for the Red Sox and last night he went all HAM on the Texas Rangers, walk off style and then showed the world why he’s a BAWSE.

P.S. How the hell do you walk Pedroia to get to Papi?  Like I get that Pedroia is amazing and all, but have you ever watched highlights from the 2004 playoffs?  Big Papi is a straight up contract killer at the end of games.  I wouldn’t want him around at all.  Let a 5’7” guy beat you, not a 6’4” 250lbs power hitter with a million clutch hits.  That was straight amateur hour by Ron Washington.  

P.P.S.  How do I get a Famous as F**k t-shirt in my life? I need it bad.